All Information about Metal Machine Shops

In this article, you will get all the details regarding metal machine shops. So if you are curious about knowing some facts and interesting knowledge about metal machine shops, then this article is for you. All the procedures and methods will be fully explained in this article. If you want to learn something new, then continue reading it. You will discover a lot of new things.

What is a Metal Machine Shop?

A metal machine shop is a place where all the work related to metal fabrication takes place. It is also known as machine shops.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Fabrication means a manufacturing process where instead of assembling ready-made parts, a product is made from the raw or semi-finished materials. Therefore, metal fabrication is a process in which new metal structures or machines are made up by cutting, bending and molding the metal sheets. It is very useful in many things like making automobile parts.

In metal fabrication, both hand railings and heavy equipment are used. Materials like plate metal, fittings castings, expanded metal, wedding wire, and more other are used. Metal Fabrication industry is a very huge industry. A lot of metal fabrication companies provide equipment and support to other companies.

Different Processes of Metal Fabrication

1- Folding

In the folding process, the bending of the material is done. Brake press is the most common method to do that. In this method, a crease is formed by pinching. In some cases, different fabrication processes are combined to get better results.

2- Punching

Normally punching is used to make holes in the metal sheet. To do this, a dice is used to form a scissor effect. The size and shape of the punch and die must be same sized.

3- Wielding

When the two pieces of metals joined together, then this process is known as welding. Different materials require different type of welding to get the best results.

4- Shearing

Shearing is a process of cutting a long piece of the metal sheet. It is used to make equal size pieces of metal sheets.

5- Cutting

There are many methods to do the cutting. In old times, the saw is used to cut down the metal sheets. Nowadays, new methods like plasma torches and lasers are introduced. The price depends on the types of machines you are using.

6- Machining

When you remove metal from a piece of material then this process is known as machining. There are different machines available in the market to do this. Some use a rotating machine and the material is moved towards it.

How can you learn Metal Fabrication Process?

It is a process of making new machines from raw materials like metal sheets through the different process like punching and bending. To learn this process one has to learn different fabrication applications and processes. If you want to start your metal machine shops and want to learn and master the skill of fabrication. Then there are several things you can do.

You can start to learn the art of metal fabrication from watching YouTube videos as there are many helpful videos available on the internet, but if you have the option to learn it from someone experienced then you should do that. Ask for advice from your local metal fabrication businesses because no videos can beat real experience.

Some Interesting Facts about Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication is considered as a very important industry today. Many aspects of our lives are dependent on this industry. There are so many interesting facts that a lot of people don’t know about this industry. Some of the interesting facts are:

1- The welding process is the oldest method that is still used to join metals. Several proofs show welding is used as early as 3500 BC.

2- Welding can be performed underwater. Wet and dry are the two welding methods. In 1990, the deepest dry weld was ever done.

3- There are a lot of products you use in your daily lives. More than 50% of them are made through metal fabrication.


Metal fabrication is a very huge industry and there is a lot more you can explore about this industry. Hope this article will prove beneficial for you and you will get some information about metal machine shops and metal fabrication.